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Puur A’s DIY: Christmas Nails

Today I’m showing you how to give a fun Christmas accent to your nails.

First of all I wish you all a happy New Year, a good health and a year with no hairs on places we do not want it!

Last month I did a very cute and simple nailart for the Christmas days and now I will show you how to do it!

I used Gelish to do my nailart but you can do it with Acryl, Gel, other Soakoff Gel or nailpolish but make sure you let that dry LONG!

Druk flyer kerstdagen

 1. For this nailart I decided to only lay focus on one finger with a nail art.

I gave the other nails a basecoat, two layers of red and ofcourse the most important a topcoat.

2. Before you start to apply anything make sure the nails are clean. In other words; perform a manicure first so that you can choose the shape and that no cuticle will be in your way.
3. So after my manicure I’m just going to put a basecoat on so the nail is protected and that my Gelish stays better on it.
4. Then you draw a smiley on the top of your nail and a smiley that faces down. Cure it or let it dry.
5. After curing my smiley’s I applied another smiley underneath the red smiley and a white dot at the end of the smiley facing down. Again cure for 2 minutes or let it dry.
6. Now you already have the cute Santa hat but I still wanted some glitters. On the white smile line and the white dot I applied some glitters and again let it dry.
7. Last but not least apply a topcoat to protect your nailpolish or in my case Gelish to ensure the durability.
8. Voila this is the end result!I hope you guys enjoyed the post and see you next month for more DIY’s!