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Puur A’s DIY: Abstract

Today I’m showing you how to do a simple nail art that you can do with diffrent colors.

I did this with Shellac soak off gel but it’s possible to do this with nail polish too. Just be sure you let the polish dry LONG.

DIY 2 nailart Puur A

 1. Before you apply nail polish it is smart to perform a manicure first so that you can choose the shape and that no cuticle will be in your way. 
2. So after my manicure I’m just going to put a base coat on so that my nails are protected and that my Shellac stays better on them.
3. I applied two colored layers of Shellac and let them both cure for 2 minutes.
4. Then I chose a color not to dark and put it on the top of my nail. I made sure the line was straight with a square nail art tool.
5. After curing my white line I applied another layer to increase the white. Again cure for 2 minutes.
6. As final color I choose a hot pink and applied it on my nail and again I made sure the line was straight with a square nail art tool. Cure for two minutes.
7. Last but not least I applied a topcoat to protect my Shellac and ensure the durability.
8. Voila this is the end result! I never do all my nails in nail art because it’s no much for me.
I hope you guys enjoyed the post and see you next Sunday for more DIY beauty!