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Puur A’s DIY: Manicure

We have decided to make every Sunday a DIY (Do It Yourself) beauty treatment.

Since this is the first one we start with preforming a basic manicure and how to get your nails ready before applying nail polish.

DIY manicure schoonheidsinstituut Puur A

2. File your nails in the shape that you prefer.


3. Apply a cuticle remover and let it soften your cuticle.


4. Make your cuticle loose from your nail and push it softly down.


5. Remove dead skin cells and cuticles that grow over the nail with a cutter.


6. After this I prefer to apply cuticle oil that softens your cuticle. If I don’t apply nail polish after this I tend to treat my nails with the oil too.


7. Because I’m going to put a ‘strengthening base coat’ on my nails I clean my nails so that my nail polish sticks better on to my nails.


If you’re going to put nail polish on your nails it’s smart to use a base coat first. A base coat helps the other layers stay on longer and protect your nails from coloring.


8. So I’m just going to put a ‘strengthening base coat’ so that my nails are a bit tougher ;).


I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something out of this blog post! See you next monday for more blogstuff!